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Everyone has worn underwear that is just really uncomfortable. It irritates your skin, is too tight or too short. After a long day you can't wait to change into a comfy outfit. You usually save your favorite underwear for a special occasion. That way you can be sure you can move comfortably on this important day, but why not wear your favorite underwear every day? This is also how LuckyShorts was born.

We too had our favorite underwear. We wore this during special occasions, like while flying for a trip or during an exam for that extra bit of happiness. The eternal search for boxer shorts with long legs came to an end. We wanted to wear comfortable and fashionable underwear every day and decided to bring the perfect fit long-legged boxer shorts to market ourselves. Because we at LuckyShorts use the soft Micromodal fabric, you can wear without any irritation a boxer and then even a longer boxer.

Usually boxer shorts for women are just too short. This is why the edge often cuts into your legs or groin and you can not move well. We strive to meet your need for flexibility and freedom every day. This way you can carry out all your daily activities without irritating your skin because of the longer legs.

With a small adjustment to your wardrobe you can change your lifestyle. How much fun is it to also go through life fashionably? To make our LuckyShorts boxer shorts with long legs even more exclusive, they are available in a variety of colors, styles and fun prints. So you can wear a matching sushi print during your sushi night or a watermelon print on a summer day. Comfortable, long and with a feeling of freedom. Wearing your LuckyShorts will give you an instant mood booster!


long legged boxer shorts for women

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